Thank you….

Oh my goodness, it has been more than a year since I last made any posts on my blog. Not a great loss to the world, but gee, quite shameful indeed. To be honest, I was caught up in finishing my PhD, etc.,etc. Nothing much has changed in the last months, besides the fact that I now have an extra degree to add onto my resume. I had dreamed about the moment I would get my doctoral degree, many a times during my doctoral ordeal. I would picture myself in the graduation ceremony, the centre of all attention – a content and happy Dr. who was figuratively flipping a bird to all the painful memories of student life. But when the day arrived, I wasn’t that elated – the frustrations of not having a postdoc or any other job offer escalated! I was feeling pretty lousy and annoyed at the whole ridiculousness – ha, a grand celebration for the practical joke of subjecting someone to extreme levels of misery just for an offer of a degree! Until, of course, I had to give my graduation talk. My true emotions did surface out – not my joy of holding a degree, but of having been loved and supported by family and strangers who became friends. It was all too overwhelming!!That day, at that spot, I realized how lucky I was to have, not a doctoral degree, but a unique and finite set of people who truly understood the hardships I had faced and celebrated the merit of my work. It did not matter to them that I did not have any publications. It did not matter to them that my PhD was just in microbiology. Oh, to have been born in a family that supports you through all  your whims and fantasies. To have made friends who would do anything to make you smile. Now that is what I treasured entirely that day. So here is a big thank you to my family and friends for being there for me. I have acknowledged you all in my thesis, but that surely is not enough 😉 🙂 I can never thank you guys enough!!!

P.S. I got the coolest graduation hat with the coolest doctor on it 🙂 🙂 Here is a picture of my hat – I had to censor it to avoid all the personal stuffs stuck on it 😛

The doctor for a doctor


About wannabeafunscientist

A scientific researcher, a TV addict, a chocolate fanatic, chatting-in-swimming pool (lane) enthusiast, a sufferer of the chronic travel itch. Ich bin Frau Dr. Hildeguard Schmidt.
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